1963 Leica M3 Camera

This is my favourite camera, I love the M3, its a tank and still working perfectly even with all its bumps and bruises.
What is it about these Leica’s(I have a huge list, to big for this post)? I started shooting with digital and for some time now I have been developing film in my basement washroom and loving it! All manual focusing, exposure and most of them don’t even have meters/batteries, ah the simple things.
But this M3 has to be my favourite of them all, its my go-to camera now, strange as it has non of the fancy built in crap that my nikon had πŸ˜› you adjust focus and exposure manually, weird..
Just a few test macro/close-up shots using the kiev 88CM medium format camera and the 80mm lens with bellows. Not light leaks here πŸ™‚
Kodak Tmax 400 120 film developed with Ilford HC for 6.5 min.

3 responses to “1963 Leica M3 Camera

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  2. Hi. I came across your site in the reader. Having just picked up an M3 in original shop presentation box last week, I understand what you feel for the camera. By the way how do you determine the date it was made? Mine starts with 1135…

    Strictly an amateur. I got an M9 a couple of years back and haven’t touched a dslr since. I do have the A7R but may swap it for an A7s to improve my low light photography capability.

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