Giant Files! – 4×5 Scans

Who knew? With all my digi experience, if you had asked me a few years ago about such beastly files that are 400-600 mega bites, my jaw would have hit the floor! It still does, scanning in a 4×5 negative from my old view camera at 4800 ppi produces a file that is 400 MB, yes that is insane! The detail is astounding, the sharpness is insane, and the file is 22,447 x 17,778 pixels, massive and for that matter I have only attached a resized version of some cool blocks. Testing out the MOD 54 4×5 film holder. The large format camera was photographed with a 35mm Leica M6.

4x5 Film Scan Black & White Blocks

4×5 Film scan of blocks producing 400 MB files!

Calumet 4x5 Large Format View Camera

This is the beast, the Calumet 4×5 Large Format View Camera

2 responses to “Giant Files! – 4×5 Scans

  1. I would have believed you – indeed I was chatting about the very fact last night – not so much on 5×4 but small 6×9. Drop a couple of layers onto a scanned image and my pc gets in real trouble.

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