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The film plunge

It wasn’t something I thought I would really get into. I have a capable digital setup and decent selection of lens choices.. Why would I want to try an early 1957 medium format film camera ? I asked myself the same question. 🙂

So I always liked the look of the old TLR (Twin Lens Reflex) cameras. Even if just as a mantelpiece ornament. I always thought they were historically cool. The whole Medium format appeal was something I could understand, given that I still remember the joy of moving from a cropped sensor to a full frame sensor. I had heard the rumors of what types of resolution you could pull from a medium format film negative. If you took the time and effort to follow through with a quality scan, there was more pixel information you could ever hope for.

I figured if I am going to get one, It…

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  1. Congrats to your ‘new’ camera. The Yahsicas are the Kalashnikows of Twin Reflex cameras. Not so heavy and rigid as Rolleis but much cheaper with a good glass in front of it. I got my Y124 from a friend and scratched my head in order to utilize the lightmeter on the top edge of the housing together with the time/EV calculator located on top of the focusing dial. A real tiny mark without a color dot made the difference.
    As you know a part of the medium format shooting is the different ‘look’ compare to 135 cameras, analogue or digital.
    As a youngster my street-camera was the NikonF but my father’s Zeiss Ikoflex 6×6 delivered the totally different shooting experiencies. But really not my cup of tea…….

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